Dogs for Warriors

Programs for those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Two years ago, we created a unique program to cater to Veterans coping with PTSD. This program is based on creating a mutual support group. At the same time, each individual member goes through an empowering process of personalized training one on one with their Service Dog, to meet their individual needs. Our professional trainers work in collaboration to help you train your dog on how to identify personal needs or distress, react accordingly, and even call for help if needed.

PTSD Service and Emotional Support Dogs are trained to accompany a veteran everywhere they go, providing them with emotional comfort and anxiety relief during their day to day life.

Many Veterans live in fear of “what will happen if I have a PTSD attack in public?” For this reason, many veterans choose to stay home and isolate themselves from day to day activities. In many instances, receiving a Service Dog can be a life-changing event for many veterans because the Service Dog is trained to identify, respond and react accordingly to these attacks to assist and maintain the safety of the Veteran.
On average, after receiving a Service Dog, most veterans feel that coping with their day to day life becomes easier, anxiety decreases, and have fewer PTSD attacks. For many, this means confidence to reintegrate into society.

Alumni of our unique program have reported a significant improvement in their quality of life, and more importantly, in the quality of life of their family and loved ones.

משתתפי התוכנית הייחודית שפועלת במסגרת "המרכז להכשרות כלבי שירות" מדווחים על שיפור ניכר באיכות חייהם ואף לא פחות חשוב מכך, איכות חיי המשפחות שלהם.

Many alumni of our program feel that they have become a part of an “exclusive members club.” The kennel is at their disposal most days of the week and they are welcome to train, one on one according to their needs, at our center with one of our professional trainers.
The program is built on professional mentoring sessions, once a week, for a year. During this time, participants learn to train their dog and how to deal with common, or personal, problems that may arise in their day to day life. The struggle for most Veterans to leave the house and arrive at the center weekly is a victory in within itself and a significant milestone within their rehabilitation process.
This program has illustrated for us at The Service Dog Training Center, the immense benefit and need for certified Service Dogs in the State of Israel.

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