Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs

Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs

A Emotional Support Animal is a domestic dog that has been trained in a number of service dog behaviors to aid as an emotional support companion to their handlers within their home. Emotional Support dogs are educated and trained at a higher level than domestic dogs but do not have public access like a Service Dog. Therapy Dogs are domestic animals that provide companionship, compassion and support to people in public settings, like hospitals, hospice, libraries, nursing homes, schools, physical therapy centers, and disaster areas.
בנוסף כמובן שזהו כלב אשר מחונך ומאולף ברמה גבוהה למחייה בסביבה ביתית. חשוב לציין, כלב ליווי ותמיכה רגשית לא עובר הכשרה למרחב הציבורי ולכן לא זכאי לקבל תעודה ווסט כמו כלב שירות.

Does the Service Dog Training Center provide me with a dog?

In short, Yes. If you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal, we will fit you with one of our dogs, professionally train the animal to your needs. After the training period is complete, on average a few months, then the dog will be ready to go home with you. Needs and length of training vary by case.

2. כלב ביתי אשר נמצא כבר אצלך בבית או הבאה עצמאית של כלב מתאים.לאחר אבחון מקצועי של המרכז והחלטה על התאמת הכלב לתחילת התהליך –  

What is the general process to make my personal dog an Emotional Support Dog?

  • First, we will evaluate your dog professionally to be sure that they are fit for the job. Not every dog is capable of being an Emotional Support Dog. The final decision is at the discretion of the Service Dog Training Center.
  • If your dog qualifies, we will discuss what behaviors are needed from your dog to best help you. Your dog will board at our facility, full time until the training period is up. This time frame is on average between two to three months, depending on your dog’s personality and learning rate.
  • There will be several in-person training sessions at our facility. Here we will work on technique and ensure that you and your dog have a clear pathway of communication. Once we feel your dog is ready we will send your dog back home to you as a trained Emotional Support Dog.

Who qualifies for an Emotional Support Dog?

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed by a qualified medical professional with an emotional or mental disability qualifies for an Emotional Support Dog. In addition to your diagnosis, you must also;
  • Be capable of taking care of your dog including, but not limited to, caring for their health and well-being, walking your dog, ensuring your dog has the free time when he/she is not working.
  • Be willing and capable to commit your time to the process of getting an Emotional Support Dog. 

  • Be willing and capable to commit time to continue training your dog, daily, after he/she has come back home to you.
    Be willing and capable to commit time to your in-person training sessions, once a week, at our center with a professional trainer (for however long agreed upon by the center, based on your dog’s personal needs.)
  • מציאת הכלב המתאים / אבחון הכלב הקיים (במידה ומתאים)
  • I Qualify for an Emotional Support Dog, What Now? We are happy to assist you. If you feel that you qualify for an Emotional Support Dog, feel free to submit a request via the “Emotional Support Dog Request Form” at the bottom of this page and one of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly. After you have spoken to one of our representatives, you may continue with the following steps; After you submit your questionnaire, a representative will contact you to set up an initial meeting. During this meeting you will receive a full explanation of the process, outline your needs, based on your day to day living, we will offer a deeper insight as to exactly how an Emotional Support Dog can help you in your home life and a financial plan. If you are still suitable for an Emotional Support Dog and choose to continue the process with us, you will be provided with an in-depth questionnaire. You may submit that questionnaire via email at Next, we will set up a second meeting in your home. We will make sure that your environment is suitable for a dog (if you are receiving a dog from us) and familiarize ourselves with your day to day life so that we specialize your Emotional Support Dog’s training according to your specific needs. Fit you with a dog or assess your current dog After fitting you with the right dog, or assessing your personal dog, one of our professional Service Dog Trainers from our center will work with your dog one on one for the time period specified in your individual contract. Every situation is different and therefore we can specify exactly how long of a training course your dog will need. On average, the process is a few months long, depending on your individual needs. Periodically, during your dog’s training there will be mandatory once a week workshop with your dog’s professional trainer at our center to provide personal and private one on one training with your Emotional Support Dog. During this workshop, you will receive all theoretical and practical training tools needed to handle your Emotional Support Dog, and to be sure you can continue your training on a daily process. At the end of the training process, the dog comes back home with you to begin their new job as your Emotional Support Dog. The Service Dog Training Center continues to accompany you throughout your dog’s professional life with inspection sessions every three to six months, training strengthening when necessary, and the ability to teach your dog new behaviors if needed. As always, we are available for any questions and are happy to help with anything related to your Emotional Support Dog at any point along the way.

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