Foster Families

Foster families are the heart of The Service Dog Training Center. Thanks to those families, we can continue our activities knowing that our puppies, who will one day become Service Dogs, are in warm homes and good hands.

What is the roll of the Foster Family?

The goal of a Foster Family is to guide and care for the puppy during its basic training and puppyhood. In a puppies first year, they will go from being rambunctious little puppies, who have not yet been exposed to the world, to a mature, educated and trained young adult dog that is ready for an intensive training course to become a Service Dog.

The Foster Family is responsible to assist in the process of raising the dog. During this time, the dog will be exposed to as many people, environments, noises, smells, and experiences as possible to ensure he is ready for Service Dog Training.

Our puppies are placed with Foster Families at around three months of age. It is important to remember that although these dogs will one day become Service Dogs, they are still puppies and will behave accordingly. Like all puppies, they will learn and experience the world as they get bigger and most puppies are expected to be mouthly and nip. Although this will improve with age, it is important to remember that when committing to be a Foster Family you are committing to deal with these behaviors via positive reinforcement training.

We accompany our Foster Families closely every step of the way. Foster Families meet once every two weeks with one of our professional trainers and puppy program coordinator. During these meetings, we will train and socialize the puppies together.

Interested in giving us a hand? Apply to be a Foster Family!

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