Service dogs

What is a service dog?

A Service dog is a dog that has undergone specialized training to work or perform tasks to aid in the everyday life of an individual with mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. Service dogs are carefully selected. Their training, on average, lasts between a year and a half to two years. Every service dog that has completed their training course is subject and required to pass a Public Access Test.


Who qualifies for a service dog? Service dogs can be used to aid a wide variety of disorders. We specialize in training for the following disabilities;

  • Children on the Autistic Spectrum 
  •  Individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  • Mobility Assistance Dogs Diabetic Alert Dogs 
  • Epilepsy Alert and Seizure Response Dogs Serviced dogs can be used to augment the life of a person with disabilities by aiding in the day to day life tasks both inside and outside the home. When one of our dogs graduates our training program and passes the public access test, the dog is then fitted with a designated vest and ID card, allowing the animal to accompany it’s handler everywhere they go. Whether its a Mobility Service Dog reaching and handing objects from the shelves at the local grocery store, to a PTSD Service Dog accompanying it’s handler on a family vacation, our goal is to ensure our dogs can provide the best-individualized support possible, per the needs of the individual with disabilities. A Service dog is suitable for any individual that can commit to a two year placement and training process, can maintain and take good care of a dog, can provide for the dog’s needs, take the dog out for daily walks and exercise, offer the dog “down time” where the animal can take a break from work and continue training on a daily basis to ensure the dog’s skill set stays up to par.

I Qualify For A Service Dog, What Now?

  • Once you receive your Prospect information explaining the complete process of applying, qualifying, training, and receiving a service dog, you may then fill out the questionnaire and email it to us at
  • After you submit your questionnaire, a representative will contact you to set up an initial meeting. During this meeting you will receive a full explanation of the process, outline your needs, based on your day to day living, we will offer a deeper insight as to exactly how a service dog can help you in your day to day life and a financial plan. If you are still suitable for a service dog and choose to continue the process with us, you will be provided with an in-depth questionnaire. You may submit that questionnaire via email at
  • Next, we will set up a second meeting in your home. We will make sure that your environment is suitable for a dog and familiarize ourselves with your day to day life so that we specialize your future service dog’s training according to your specific needs.
  • After fitting you with the right dog, one of our professional Service Dog Trainers from our center will work with your dog one on one for the time period specified in your individual contract. Every situation is different and therefore we can specify exactly how long of a training course your dog will need. It can range from a few months to almost two years, depending on your individual needs. At the end of your dog’s training program, there will be a workshop with your dog’s professional trainer at our center to provide personal and private one on one training with your service dog. During this workshop, you will receive all theoretical and practical training tools needed to handle your service dog. At the end of the workshop, the dog comes back home with you to begin their new job as your Service Dog. The Service Dog Training Center continues to accompany you throughout your dog’s professional life with inspection sessions every three to six months, training strengthening when necessary, and the ability to teach your dog new behaviors if needed.

As always, we are available for any questions and are happy to help with anything related to your service dog at any point along the way.

  • Be capable of taking care of your dog including, but not limited to, caring for their health and well-being, walking your dog, ensuring your dog has the free time when he/she is not working.

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